• Owasso Central Park Association (OCPA) - Frequently Asked Questions

  • chevron_right1. What is the purpose of our homeowner's association?
    The HOA exists primarily to maintain the property values of our local community through enforcement of our neighborhood covenants, procuring and overseeing maintenance within the neighborhood, and providing community activities for unifying the neighborhood.
  • chevron_right2. How does the OCPA spend the money collected through homeowner dues?
    Over half of all dues collected are used for lawn maintenance, including mowing, edging, weed control, and water.  Other expenses include electric utility for the entrance to Central Park, insurance, legal fees, and costs associated with events.  All remaining assets are held in certificates of deposit for future use.
    For a detailed breakdown of all expenses and revenues for the fiscal year, you may request a YTD Financial report from the board.  Please use the Contact Us page to request a copy of this report.  You may direct your inquiry to the OCPA Treasurer.
  • chevron_right3. Can I review the OCPA records?
    Yes, records are available to Central Park residents. Contact the OCPA Secretary to view minutes, insurance policies, covenants, or for records questions. Contact the OCPA Treasurer to view financial records. These records may not be removed from the homes of these individuals, but are available for viewing. In most cases, electronic files are available by email. There will be a processing fee for copying and mailing documents.
  • chevron_right4. What should I do if I see a covenant violation?
    Of course, neighbors are welcome to speak to each other about perceived violations, which may be the quickest and easiest way to resolve any issues. However, if you do not feel comfortable or safe approaching your neighbors directly, you may contact the OCPA. If the violation is an emergency, please call 9-1-1.
    At this time, our Violations page is under construction. To report covenant violations, you may send an email to the HOA President via the Contact Us page.
    Once a violation has been submitted, a member of the board will address this matter with the designated homeowner as soon as possible.
  • chevron_right5. How do I get access to the pond?
    It is no secret in our neighborhood that pond access for many of our residents is inconvenient. The developers did not provide for pond access between any homes in our addition. The Board of Directors have made several attempts to permanently acquire land or easements from homeowners in several of our cul-de-sacs for the purpose of providing access, but these efforts have not been successful to date.
    The Board will continue to pursue this issue and would be happy to talk to any homeowners willing to grant pond access through their property. Some compensation may be available for this purpose.
    As of now, follow these directions to the pond: Exit the neighborhood at the 129th St. entrance and turn right. The pond will be on your right before you reach Owasso High School.
    The summer months also bring the potential of algae blooms, which can sometimes be toxic to animals and people.  For more information, please see the public service announcement from the Owasso Public Works Department on our News page: https://www.centralparkhoa.com/news_details.php
  • chevron_right6. When are the HOA assessments due?
    May 1st.