Owasso Strong Neighborhood Initiative
Posted on Dec 24th, 2022

A member of our HOA Board attended the Owasso Strong Neighborhood Initiative (OSNI) meeting hosted by the City of Owasso on Thursday, November 10, 2022.  This event featured members of the Owasso Fire Department, the Owasso Chief of Police, and our OSNI coordinator from the city, Jerry Fowler.  Better late than never, we want to share some of the key takeaways from the meeting about how you can stay safe this season.
Winter Holidays and Fire:
  -  If you have a live one, remember to water it!  Live trees can be a major fire risk if they dry out.
  -  If you have an artificial one, be careful not to set up too many lights with tons of extension cords ("extension cord spaghetti").  Even artificial tress can catch fire, even if the box says they won't.
  -  The Fire Department says they respond to more fires this time of year than any other, most often caused by lights or from cooking.  Please take extra precautions if your holiday meal prep includes deep frying, or anything else that could pose a risk to your family.
Cold Weather and Crime:
  -  The Owasso Police Chief reports that people like to leave their cars running in parking lots when running errands or in their driveways at home.  This is great if your car has a remote start, but please take your keys with you!
Owasso Area Policing:
  -  The area has seen an increase in home break-ins, and many of the cases started with a vehicle left in the driveway with a garage door opener inside.  Consider either parking in your garage or taking your garage door opener with you when you go inside.
  -  The police have also received a lot of calls recently about drivers speeding through school zones.  They will be increasing their patrols, especially in these areas.
  -  In addition to the emergency number (9-1-1), the Owasso Police also have a non-emergency number (918-272-2244) which you can call if you see something that might be dangerous, even if you aren't completely sure.  The police will check it out.
  -  Owasso is one of the cities where the police are working hard to build strong relationships with neighborhoods.  Come out to events like OSNI and HOA meetings and the HOA Annual Block Party to talk to them face to face.
More from OSNI:
  -  The next meeting of the OSNI will be the Annual Neighborhood Leadership Conference.  Please email the HOA (see the Contact Us page) if you are interested in attending.
Happy Holidays.